Sep 8, 2011

PropertyOfZack Track-By-Track : : MC Lars


MC Lars’s brand new record, Lars Attacks!, is officially out on Horris Records. PropertyOfZack is a big fan of Lars, and he was kind enough to write up a detailed Track-By-Track guide behind each of the songs on his new record for fans. Read up and make sure to pick up a copy of the record!

Going Back to Brooklyn
In 2009 I was liiving in the Bay Area and was tired of the hip-hop game.  I was figuring out if it were time to go to keep following my music path or if it were time to apply to graduate school and start my second career as a teacher and academic.  Right when I was in this creative lull and about to call it quits, I met a girl who inspired me again and we decided it would be romantic to run off to New York together.  The year was amazing - this song is about that, finding my heart and passion again when I was just about to stop doing MC Lars.  ”Everything was back on track and everything was fine.”

The Gospel of Hip-Hop (featuring KRS-One)
My last album had a track with “Weird Al” Yankovic, this album has a song with KRS-One…. two of my biggest heroes in music.  I read KRS’s book The Gospel of Hip-Hop in 2009 - an amazing spiritual manifesto on how hip-hop has the power to change lives and divinely reinvent culture and society.  This is a theme throughout my album , rebirth and divine order in the beauty of music. KRS sees hip-hop culture as a blessing through which God speaks and gives people hope, life, inspiration and focus.  On this track he rhymes about the current state of hip-hop and I rhyme about my relationship to it as a kid who discovered it after it was already a gigantic presence on this planet.  This song inspires me going back to listen to it and of course KRS killed it on his verses.  

Lars Attacks!
This was one of the first songs I wrote for the record.  One of my West Coast producer friends, Brandon of the Rondo Brothers, said it would be a cool name for an album when we were hanging out one day… and he was right.  ”Mars Attacks!” is one of my favorite Burton films, even though it wasn’t a huge commercial success and it’s pretty dark… I ripped off the logo for the album cover and all of my merch this year.  I have a song called “Space Game” on my record “the Graduate”, and this track continues the sci-fi battle rhyme motif.  We did a video for this song where I roll through a city as a creepy alien, destroying everything in my path.  That’s a metaphor for my presence in the hip-hop community.

History’s Greatest Assholes
I asked my Facebook fans who they thought should be included in a song of this title and everyone who got more than three votes makes an appearance in this song.  Also, I had a Kickstarter donor option where people could “perform” on the album and I layered their instruments and they became part of the chorus…. so yes, this track was extremely “crowdsourced”.  Also, the villains on this track are listed more-or-less chronologically.

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Why the hating on atheism, long hair, tats, and piercings? x_x I USED TO LOVE YOU UNQUESTIONINGLY, MC LARS!